Error in pythia 8 when i run ./mainNN

Hello I’m having a problem when I try to run ./main02 in pythia8240 examples after a make main02 I got this Error when I try to run it:
PYTHIA Error: settings file /home/ubuntu/pythia8240/smldoc/index.xml not found
PYTHIA Abort from pythia ::pythia:settings unavailabe
PYTHIA Abort frome pythia::init: constructor initialzation faild
PYTHIA Error in settings::flag:unknown key stat:showprocessLevel

i have ubuntu 17.04 32 bit
thank you

Which pythia example are you talking about ? you took it from where ? how did you build the main02 executable ? it seems you have some file missing. Have you check the pythia doc ?
You seems to get pythia errors not ROOT errors. I am not sure your problem is related to ROOT.

First thank you for answering me.
it is true it seems that some files are missing
but I do not know which one
finally i updated ubuntu and reinstall a later version of pythia now all is well.
thanks again

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