Error in plugin for start grid analysis

const TString mcSelector(Form(““tracks”, “filteredTracks”, kTRUE”));
AliAnalysisTaskSVtaskMCFilter* mcParticleSelector = reinterpret_cast<AliAnalysisTaskSVtaskMCFilter*>(addSVMC.Exec(mcSelector.Data()));
I successfully added the filteredTracks container like this, but as soon as I use it in a later task, it reports an error when I upload it to the grid, here’s the log that reports the error
error.txt (92.9 KB)

Hi @liuha,

welcome back to the forum. Looking at the first few lines of your error messages, maybe you could try and follow the advice from this post: Error in cling::AutoloadingVisitor::InsertIntoAutoloadingState: Missing FileEntry for modules/TrackCovariance.h