Error: Can't call TStyle::SetAxisMaxDigits(3) in current scope

Using ROOT 5.34.36, when I do


it gives me the error:

Error: Can't call TStyle::SetAxisMaxDigits(3) in current scope

Other requests to gStyle, like gStyle->SetMarkerStyle() work fine. Is this a problem with the version of ROOT I’m using or something else?

SetAxisMaxDigits method not exists in ROOT 5.34. See:

Ok, thank you for the quick and clear answer! Is there an equivalent way of forcing the style of the axis?

I don’t thunk such method exists. You need to switch to latest ROOT versions

Ok thank you

getting the same problem in ROOT 6.26.06_1

error: no member named ‘SetAxisMaxDigits’ in ‘TStyle’


As of today, it’s only in the ROOT “master” branch.

Forgive me, what does this mean?
@couet And is there another way I can achieve the same aim of forcing the maximum number of digits?

See the doc.

Yes it is only in master, I know. The doc gives more details.

I looked at the documentation but I don’t understand what it means that it’s only in master, I guess it means that I can’t use this method either in ROOT 5.34.36 or in ROOT 6.26?

It is only. implement in the very last version of ROOT. The master version. If you don’t find it in the doc corresponding to the ROOT version you are using, it means it is not implemented for that version. You can change the doc version in the menu on top of the doc.

I found that in ROOT 6 you can call a similar method directly on the axis:


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