Error building a geometry


When I try to build my geometry (see file attached) I see a lot of error messages. The geometry is working properly, but I would like not to have this error messages. What am I doing rong?

To build the geometry do:

.L TileGeoBuild.C++

TileGeoBuild.C (17.4 KB)

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I you printout the parameters of the shapes you build in your geometry you will see that a lot of them have juste zeros. Try to fix the bug and you will get rid of the messages.



Thanks for the reply.
I fix the problem related to geometry with zero parameters.
But I still can see another one.
It seems the problem is in line 364 when I add a TGeoCompositeShape to the geometry.

Any suggestion what is going on here?

I am sending the new File

TileGeoBuild.C (17.5 KB)

Weel, this does not seem to be a real problem- just that the optimizer realizes that the daughters that you put inside the composite shape have the same extent as the mother. I do not understand why do you use composite shapes here - looks like you can manage those volumes without…