Error bars on 3D Histograms

Is there a nice way to visualize errors on 3-D histograms? I have tried using the “LEGO” option with error bars. I can see the error bars, but it is hard to decipher in a 3-D view to which bin the error bars belong to.

This is just a visualization issue and I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who might have tried to displays error bars in 3-D histograms.

Do you have a small example showing what you get right now ?

Olivier, this is a very late, nevertheless, I thought I should reply. Soon after making this post, for unforeseeable (personal) reasons, I had to take a hiatus from active research for a while. Once I returned, I completely forgot about this post, till I saw it today.
At that time I was simply drawing 3D histograms with various options and I was not getting the visual feedback I had wanted. If I need to revisit the subject again, I will let you know.

No problem. Let me know.