Error: Ambiguous overload resolution (1000002,2)

Hi Developers,

I am running a script. I am getting a long error when I want to plot w_tm_uuu_cr1 on line 827.

Error: Ambiguous overload resolution (1000002,2) Nabila.cpp:436:
Calling : operator+(TString,string);
Match rank: file     line  signature
  ffffffff /usr/lib64/root/  -1 vector<char*,allocator<char*> >::iterator operator+(const long,const vector<char*,allocator<char*> >::iterator&);
  ffffffff /usr/lib64/root/  -1 vector<void*,allocator<void*> >::iterator operator+(const long,const vector<void*,allocator<void*> >::iterator&);
  ffffffff /usr/lib64/root/  -1 vector<double,allocator<double> >::iterator operator+(const long,const vector<double,allocator<double> >::iterator&);
  ffffffff /usr/lib64/root/  -1 vector<float,allocator<float> >::iterator operator+(const long,const vector<float,allocator<float> >::iterator&);
  ffffffff /usr/lib64/root/  -1 vector<unsigned long long,allocator<unsigned long long> >::iterator operator+(const long,const vector<unsigned long long,allocator<unsigned long long> >::iterator&);

Kindly help me to resolve this.


May be this can help you:


Could you at least show us the line 436 of Nabila.cpp?

Cheers, Bertrand.

yes sure.I am attaching my script
Nabila.cpp (59.1 KB)

Which version of ROOT are you using? and which compiler/OS?
(you could also try this syntax: dir+obs.c_str())

I am using root_v5.34.36
I am compiling my scripts using MobXterm

Then use this syntax:

  TH1D *DEB     = (TH1D*)deb->Get(dir+obs.c_str());

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