.eps Image Dimensions


I am running root V. 3.10 in batch mode, and so have to create my images as .eps files then convert them to .gifs to view from a web page.

This process works fine, however there is a glitch that i can’t seem to work through. When saving a canvas to a .eps file ( using SaveAs(“blah.eps”) there seems to be a maximum width and height of the saved image. To explain what i mean, Say that i am creating a canvas with the dimensions 1000x200 , as one would expect, and as one does see when saving to a gif file normally, the saved image should have dimensions of roughly 1000x200.
As mentioned, i see this when testing saving as a gif, however the eps file is automatically scaled by root to ~ 550x100. Also if I create a canvas with dimensions 400x400, the saved eps gets dimensions of around 550x550.

It is obviously easy to change the dimensions of the image to what i want while doing the convert process. I have done this with image magic(actually i am converting them to .png type because of other problems). However doing this causes finer details like text to be very very blurred. Stretching the images with html has the same effect.

I would like to be able to force root to save these eps’s to the size that i want so that the images are very clear.

The Following simple code should show what i mean:

TCanvas *canvas = new TCanvas(“blah”,“BLAH”,1000,200);

TCanvas *canvas2 = new TCanvas(“blah2”,“BLAH2”,300,300);

Any help that anyone could give me would be really appreciated. I am a beginner programmer so excuse my question if it is naive.

Mitch Crowe


gStyle->SetPaperSize(Float_t xsize, Float_t ysize)

The help says:

// Set paper size for PostScript output.
// The paper size is specified in centimeters. Default is 20x26.
// See also TPad::Print

thanks alot… that worked beautifully.

Mitch C.