.eps format does not display log scale properly

I am using ROOT browser (TBrowser ) to save a plot in eps/ps format. Y axis is in log scale and when I opened up the saved plot in eps/ps format, I see that 10^(-1) on the y axis is not displayed properly. Power -1 becomes 1. Any idea? Thanks in advance

I can reproduce it. I will check. Meanwhile you can use pdf format

I see that the symbol font is ignored (greek character , minus etc ) … is ignored when I open a ps/eps file on mac using preview. When I open it with Acrobat it is ok. Looks like an issue with preview.

Which application are you using to visualise your eps file ?

It really looks like a problem with “Preview”…

I have a PS file c1.ps containing symbol characters. If I visualise it with Preview I do not see them.

But if I convert the file using:

$ convert c1.ps c1.pdf

Then c1.pdf is correctly visualized using Preview.

I have submitted a bug report to Apple with the attached PS file.
c1.ps (4.3 KB)