Electron initial energy in garfield++

Hi everyone,
I am tring to understand some parameters in the simulation of GEM.
When I was reading the guide of Garfield++ in CERN’s website (GEM | Garfield++) in the topic of electron transport I observed that the electron initial energy Is set as 0,1 ev and
In the guide it says this is a typical energy in the electric field of the drift gap. My question to you is why the energy is 0,1 ev?
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I think @hschindl can help you.

the value of 0.1 is indeed a bit arbitrary. To verify whether it is a reasonable value, you can determine the energy distribution of the electrons at the electric field in the drift gap using the method EnableElectronEnergyHistogramming of AvalancheMicroscopic, which will fill a histogram of the electron energy every time a collision happens. See for instance this example

or page 83 in the user guide.
Let me know if this makes sense; if not I can also send you a simplified example that illustrates the use of the function EnableElectronEnergyHistogramming

thanks @hschindl, I will study your code and the method.

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