Dropping out of root without notifying

ROOT Version: v6
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: VS pro 2015

Dear Forum users,
Hi! While running this part of code, the computer failed to produce a plot as I designed and wanted it to be, but the ROOT will close itself. Where is the malfunction part in my code? Thank you for replying!l1l2.c (4.0 KB)
P.S. The printf function was meant to do a manual debug.

August 2nd.

In your “overfunction” function, you create four “double …[2 * A][MAX_A]” arrays. They alone will need more than 528MB stack size.

Try to check:
[bash]$ ulimit -S -a
[bash]$ ulimit -H -a
[tcsh]$ limit
[tcsh]$ limit -h
and make sure that you do not exceed any limits (e.g. try to increase the “stack size” soft limit).

Yes you are consuming an enormous amount of memory. On my Mac it simply never enter the “overfuntion” and stop ROOT. Just changing const int MAX_A to something smaller (like 10) makes it work: ie the function is executed.

Thank you! The function is operating!

Thank you! It is operating!

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