Drawing two histograms on top of each other


I am drawing two histograms but at the point where they meet it looks messy, and either side. Not sure how to resolve this.

At the draw part I do this:

        TCanvas *d = new TCanvas ("lifetime", "lifetime", 600, 600);
        h6->Draw("H same ");

I want the red to stop at x = 0.860 and the green to start at x=0.860
Lifetime_ToyModel.pdf (17.8 KB)

Hello @amytee,

I am quite sure there should already be topics on the forum about this. Try keywords ‘overlap’ and ‘histogram’.

However, I am adding @moneta to this thread. Maybe he knows the answer if you don’t find it.



I have not found anything useful.


What do you mean by “messy” ? it looks fine seems to me.


I am trying to avoid having the red and green lines overlapping. I want the red to stop at x=0.860 and the green to start at that same point.

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We will need a reproducer macro to see how that can be done.