Drawing TF2 in restricted domain

I am using root 5.34/1 on windows. I have TF2 objects that are really only meaningful on a restricted domain (e.g. within a circular domain) When I use TF2::Draw(), the contours outside this domain are a bit distracting. IS there a way to mask these contours outside the circle?

Note: I tried using Draw(“contlist”) and looped over the contours and the TGraphs that make them up and selectively drew only those parts of the contours that lie within the circle. However, the status bar feature (mousing points on the canvas and displaying the x,y,z values) no longer works.


Have you try to use a cut or TCutG ?

I am unclear how to go about that - There is no cut or TCutG arg in TF2::Draw(). My TF2 uses a compiled function - Is there a magic value I could set the function to outside my domain to make it not plot?

I suppose I could set the function value to a value that is outside the range when (x,y) is in the domain, then set the TF2 min and max values to exclude these values…


I see… there is also the possibility to do that cut graphically by drawing a solid mask on top of your plot erasing the parts you do not want to see.

I see, like a TPolyline with a fill color equal to the plot background color?

yes, that’s one possibility I am thinking about.
May be with a RedrawAxis() afterwards if needed.