Drawing random number from TH2

Hi, experts,
I know that we can draw r.v from Th1 (using inverse sampling)
is there any equivalent for th2 ?
FYI my th2 distribution is having some dependence structure.

ROOT Version: 6.24.00 (conda)
Platform: centos
Compiler: gcc9


Have you looked into this method ROOT: TH2 Class Reference ?


yes.i also read the code.

what is the method employed in the code to draw r.v ?


Apologies, I do not understand the question.


sorry for ill-posted question. i updated my reply. hope that it is clear now

Just for curiosity, what do you mean by “r.v” ? Sorry if I missed something obvious .

random variable

You would like to know which algorithm used TH2::GetRandom2 ?
If that’s the case, @moneta should know.

actually i would like to know what algorithm has implemented in GetRandom1/2/3

Ok, let’s see what @moneta will stel.

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