Drawing polymarkers from different TSpectrum::Search() on same canvas?

I am searching peaks in two different regions of a same 1d histogram (his)

sigma = 18; threshold = 0.4;
TSpectrum *s_low = new TSpectrum(5);
Int_t nfound = s_low->Search(his, sigma, "", threshold);
Double_t *xpeaks = s_low->GetPositionX();

sigma = 12; threshold = 0.04;
TSpectrum *s_mid = new TSpectrum(5);
nfound = s_mid->Search(his, sigma, "", threshold);
xpeaks = s_mid->GetPositionX();

As expected, I am seeing the red polymarkers only for the second search region. Is it possible to retrieve and draw the polymakers of the first search() as well on the same canvas?

Thanks a lot,

This example does that: