Drawing Option "E2" and framed boxes?


I have graphs with many data sets. My goal is to make them all distinguishable, even in grey-scale view. The problem is, though, that some colors are too light to be seen in greyscale, but I would hate to change them in this late stage of the work. Once one knows what to look for, it’s possible to see and to distinguish them - but it’s hard, since they are almost white.

Most of them are drawn with the “E2” Drawing option (TGraphErrors in a TMultiGraph).

I had the idea that it might help to put a frame around the E2 boxes, i.e. a thin black line at the lower/upper/left/right borders of the box.
Is there some drawing option or some other easy way to achieve this? (If it’s not that easy, don’t bother - then I’ll think of something else.)


I think the best will be to add the option “E5” which will be like E2 but will draw the contour lines around the box in addition. That will preserve the backward compatibility of E2. I will implement it that way. It will be soon available in the SVN trunk. I’ll let you know.

The option E5 is now implemented in the svn trunk.
Thanks for the suggestion.