Drawing canvas in a pad of other canvas

I am trying to draw a clone of the canvas divided into 16 pads in one pad of other canvas. I am using DrawClonePad() for that. However, it produces me a strange picture which I attach to the post. I cannot give a full code producing that, but the relvant part of it is as following:

TCanvas c10 = new TCanvas(“c10”,“Full die pattern”,10,10,13004,900*4); // This is big canvas
TCanvas *c0 = new TCanvas(“c0”,"",10,10,1300,900); // this is initial smaller canvas
for (…) // Loop over pads of c0
… // Drawing stuff
c10->cd(cc+1); // going into the next pad of bigger canvas
c0->cd(1); // going back to smaller canvas

As you can see in the attached picture, I have correctly placed copies on the big canvas, but then due to some reason I have a smaller copy of the whole array overlayed in the corner of the canvas.
I’d appreciate any ideas to fix this thing …

Difficult to tell what is going wrong just looking at the little code you sent.
May be you can re reproduce it with a small macro (using a simple fake histogram instead of you real data).