Drawing 2 Histograms in one canvas from 2 different root files

I have 2 root files from 2 separate simulation and I want only to draw and compare “ParticleEnergy” of the 2 simulation in one Canvas. The idea here it that “ParticleEnergy” is from different particles and I constructed a method to filter only gamma because I want to draw comparison between energy spectrum of gamma entries. I tried to do this but I faced some difficulties that usually the program read and Draw only one root file not both. Any help would be appreciated in this task.

  • In the attachment are the root file and program used.

Out_run_0.root (10.2 KB) Out_run_1.root (12.0 KB) SameHisto.cpp (2.2 KB)

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Try this one: SameHisto.cpp (2.6 KB)

Thanks a lot. It works perfect :wink: :smiley:

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I would like to ask about legend to add the description for the Histograms.

I tried to add the following lines in the code and it works correctly but the color of each text of each Histogram inside the legend is not different as I want so where is the problem.

SameHisto.cpp (2.9 KB)

   //Adding Legend
   TLegend *legend = new TLegend(0.7, 0.7, 0.95, 0.95);
   legend->SetHeader("Energy Spectrum");
   legend->AddEntry(EnergyGamma[0], "PMMAPhantom EnergySpectrum", "f");
   legend->AddEntry(EnergyGamma[1], "CTDICOM EnergySpectrum", "f");
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Thanks a lot. perfect <3 :wink: :smiley:

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