DrawClone and TGraph pad selection fail

Dear Experts,

I’m having some pain using ROOT 5-34-30.
The following sequence of commands doesn’t work:

TCanvas *canv=new TCanvas(...); canv->Divide(2,1); TH1D *histo=new TH1D(...); histo->FillRandom("gaus"); canv->cd(1); histo->DrawClone(); TGraph *graph=new TGraph(histo); canv->cd(2); graph->DrawClone();

I suppose the issue is related to the directory, but it seems to me the Clone is not created in the directory I would expect.
What is wrong with my code? And how can I change the directory of a TGraph?

Thanks in advance, have fun


Instead of a code sketch can you post a running sample ?

Dear couet,

You’re right. Here two samples.
DrawTest.C is alright.
DrawCloneTest.C reproduces my issue.

Best regards

DrawCloneTest.C (351 Bytes)
DrawTest.C (341 Bytes)

I get exactly the same pictures from both your macros (ROOT 5-34-30).

Thank you for your report Wile, there must be something wrong with my root installation or settings.
I didn’t get the graph print in the second example (using DrawClone).

Have fun



Hello all,

I’ve managed to get the result simply using Draw() instead of DrawClone().

DrawClone(“AL”) did not do the trick anyway.

Many thanks for your support, have fun