Draw wind rose

Dear ROOT experts,
Is there a way to draw wind roses in ROOT? Something like this:
Maybe a histogram stack with the x axis rolled/twisted so that the histo’s left and right edges touch would do the trick, but of course the code (probably rather complex!) for this would have to be added to ROOT. Is there an existing way to do this kind of plot? I am using v6.04/00.

right now there is nothing like that. That could be an option for the THStack. May be you can fill a feature request in Jira to keep track ?
sft.its.cern.ch/jira/secure/Cre … ssuetype=1

Thank you for the quick reply, couet.
The Jira link requests a login. Since I don’t have a CERN account, I selected the connect through gmail option but it failed with this message:
You are not authorized to access this site: sft.its.cern.ch with these credentials or this authentication system.
So I cannot post a request in Jira. Anyway, thanks again, I will keep an eye in case this feature eventually comes to root :slight_smile:

I’ll made the report for you.