Draw TTree and TGraph2D on same axes


I have a TGraph2D which is used to draw a 3D surface.

TGraph2D* BSeaLevel = new TGraph2D(360*720);
//Fill TGraph

I then try to draw points from a TTree onto the same set of axes by the following

TTree* tTree = new TTree(“tTree”, “tTree”);
tTree->Draw(“latitude:longitude:z”, “( C )*(C != 0)”, “textsame”);

I use "textsame" in the hope that I could easily see the data from the TTree whilst it is on the same set of axes as BSeaLevel. However, I cannot see the data from the tree. Now, I know that the ranges are the same, and therefore the data from both the tree and the graph should not be out of range.

Is there anything I am not doing correctly?

The text option in 3D does not exist

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Hi couet,

Sure, but once I change to just "same" I get the following error

Error in TSelectorDraw::Begin: You cannot use option same when no 3D view exists.

EDIT: Apologies, that error exists even when I used "textsame".

Can you provide a small script (we can run) reproducing the problem ?

Would it be a possibility to draw the tree first without same and then the TGraph2D over it ordoes this give you an error too?

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The code already provided is too limited to understand what’s really going on …
That’s why I asked for a reproducer.

It turns out by switching the TGraph2D and TTree, it fixes the problem.
Appreciate the help, but it is weird that it didn’t work the other way round.

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