Draw text at a location (x,y) in ROOT

Dear All, I have a histogram where I did draw markers at different points. Now I need to write the legend for each marker and I succeeded to draw the different types of markers (top left) but did not succeed to draw the text/legend at the right of each marker. I tried many things I found in the net but no success.
Here attached the plot with just markers without text. I also attach the ROOT macro.

Thank you, rachidcompare-sgmas.pdf (14.2 KB) compare-sigmas.C (1.9 KB)

_ROOT Version: v6-18-02
_Platform: Linux ubuntu 18.04
_Compiler: gcc version 7.5.0

(new TLatex(x, y, "some text"))->Draw();

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All details here.

Thank you Olivier, It works well.


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