Draw TBox & TGraph combined

Dear Rooters,

For my plots I was trying to marks the 5% and 10% levels.
My plots are made with TGraphErrrors(), combined with TMultigraph() and then plotted on the canvas. (Plotting of the multigraph etc. is working perfectly tho)

After drawing the Multigraph I draw my box. However, nothing appears. I do not understand why.


Here is part of my syntax:
TBox** tlevel = SetLevels(xmin,xmax);

TBox** SetLevels(double xmin, double xmax){

  TBox** tlevels = new TBox*[2];
  for(int jj=0;jj<2;jj++){ //use box around 0 / 1
    tlevels[jj] = new TBox[2];
    for(int ii=0;ii<2;ii++){ //use 5% / 10% level
      tlevels[jj][ii] = TBox(xmin, ((double) jj) - 0.05*(((double) ii) + 1.), xmax, ((double) jj) +0.05*(((double) ii) + 1.));
      tlevels[jj][ii].SetFillColor((ii == 0 ? 38 : 40));
  return tlevels;

It works for me:

void graphbox() {
   TCanvas *c = new TCanvas("c","A Simple Graph with a box",700,500);

   const Int_t n = 10;
   TGraph *gr = new TGraph(n);
   gr->SetTitle("A Simple Graph Example");

   Double_t x, y;
   for (Int_t i=0;i<n;i++) {
      x = i*0.1;
      y = 10*sin(x+0.2);



   TBox *box = new TBox(0.1,2.,0.8,8.);
   box ->Draw();

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