Draw from tree against a var3 cut with fixed value


While trying to draw two vars when the 3rd has a specific value requirement


I get

So, I ve tried also couple of more things like


but nothing works…I guess this is a more generic issue when one asks to have instead of a cut a specific value requirement ?


The 2nd syntax you used is the correct one. What do you get when you do that ?

I get this


and actually 31022 is the number of my entries in the tree. Further, if I just do

tree->Draw(“var3”,“var3==0”) I get


and nothing is drawn in the canvas, but actually this is how my var3 distr looks like


It is quite possible that you have no event for which “var3 == 0” (as “var3” seems to be a floating point variable).
tree->Draw(“var3”, “abs(var3) < 0.001”)