Draw error bar with perpendicular lines at the edges if points falls outside of y-axis range

I am making a plot in which I need to draw perpendicular lines at the edges of error bars for clarity, but I also need to draw the error bars of points that fall outside of the y-axis range. Doing either of these is simple, namely using the “e1” and “e0” draw options respectively. I have however not been able to find any way to achieve both (I tried giving the draw option “e01”, but to no avail.) Does anyone have an idea how to draw a perpendicular line at the edge of an error bar for a point falling outside the y-range? Thanks in advance for the help!

using TH1 ? TGraph ?

I call Draw on TH1D objects.

Can you try:

h->Draw("E0 E1")

I tried this, and it does not work.

It seems not implemented. Can you provide a small reproducer in order to investigate ?

I think you can simply reproduce it by trying to plot the error bar for any point that falls outside of the range of a canvas.

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