Draw Cont Option with DrawFrame problem

Dear root expert
I I have a problem which needs your help .
I need the Xaxis from ( 0—0.03)
Yaxis from (0 — 20)
If I use ->Draw(“CONT4 Z LIST same”);
the color is OK for me , but the picture is messed up.
and the X and Y range is wrong.

if I use ->Draw(“contz listsame”);
the X and Y range is OK ( x 0-0.03, y - 0 -20) ) , I lose one color (
the color is different from the previous one ).

I attached my script and data file in this message ,
Thank you so much !

PlotDrawFrame.C (3.83 KB)
InputFileEnergy.txt (4.29 KB)

I have simplified your macro.
PlotDrawFrame.C (3.8 KB)