Draw a 3D line (is it necessary to use TPolyLine3D?)

I want to visualize photons’ paths in detector as 3D lines. I know I can use TPolyLine3D. But it is some kind of inconvenience and redundant I think. So what is the best way to draw a 3D line in ROOT?
Note: I need to draw several different 3D lines starting from the same origin.

Why do you think so ?

Because as I understand TPolyLine3D is for drawing sequence of lines: the origin of the next line is the end of the previous one. But I use it only for drawing a single line. It is about redundancy. More over, I set points to draw in a loop. For example, I use TPolyMarker3D in order to represent photons’ conversion points and I create a single TPolyMarker3D via default constructor and then “fill” it in a loop:

for ( Int_t i = 0; i < nPhotons; i++ )
    //m is polymarker3d instance
    m.SetNextPoint( xConv, yConv, zConv );

To use TPolyLine3D I have to create several instances and put them in something that supports iteration in order to fill it inside a loop, do I?
It is not a tragedy to use TPolyLine3D but I wanted to know if there is an alternative to draw a 3D line in ROOT.

It is perfectly fine to draw a Polyline with 2 points only.

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