Download root from the cern opendata


Is there a way to download root files using root application (just like wget?) from the cern opendata archives?
I have installed latest root.

Thank you

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ROOT doesn’t have a “download facility” built in.

what’s the URL/URI of these CERN OpenData archives ?

(groot may be of help, here)

That’s not true! You can use e.g. TFile::Cp("root://.../file.root", "file.root") to copy a remote file on your local machine.

For example from the terminal this should work:

$ root -l -b -q -e 'TFile::Cp("root://", "dstarmb.root")'

If you have xrdcp installed (which comes with xrootd) you can also use that. e.g.:

xrdcp root:// .

From the terminal, rootcp --recursive also seems to work:

rootcp --recursive root:// dstarmb.root
Info in <TNetXNGFile::GetStreamerInfoList>: cannot find the StreamerInfo record in file root://

(where the Info message can be safely ignored).

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