"Double" Graphical Cut in root in different 2d plots

I have a big problem with the graphical cut of root. I will explain my problem in details.
So I have a 2d plot where I can select different blobs which correspond to different particles. I make the selection with the command in the toolbar to draw a graphical cut, after I set the name and then through the terminal I save in a folder ( with the command CUT->Write()), that I created before. After I apply this cut to another 2d plot because with this I can distinguish the isotopes, and I want to cut again each isotope. The point is that I discovered that I cannot do a “cut inside another cut” like this because root doesn’t understand something. So I decided to scan the values of my cut and fill another branch of my tree with these values in the way to be able to do other cuts inside the new plot with the cut. The point is that when I make the new cut and I try to apply to another branch of my tree it doesn’t work, because root doesn’t save the correlation between the row events!
I tried to do several things but the problem it is still there…I don’t know if I can do it in different way, if there is a solution maybe if I save the draw cut in an other way. Are there any solutions or have I to change the way of my data analysis?

I hope I was clear in the explanation, but the problem is quite difficult to explain…

Thank you,


So basically you do a GCut G1 on a 2D distribution, plot it with this cut and want to do a new GCut G2 on that plot ?
I think you simply need to plot a 3rd time using G1&&G2