Dotted circle shows up solid in pdf

Hello Rooters,

whenever I draw a dotted circle it shows up with a solid line when I print it to pdf. When I print it to gif then everything is fine.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Attached is a simple example and the output of this example as it shows up on my computer.

I am using root 5.16 on windows xp.

Thank you,
dottedCircleTest.pdf (12.5 KB)

testDottedCircle.c (628 Bytes)

Olivier will investigate this problem on Monday.



did you already investigate this problem? Or is it not solvable?

Thank you,

Oops sorry… I missed it. I will look immediatly.


I agree that el.SetFillStyle(0); should be enough but the way TEllipsePaint is coded is that way (it tests the FillColor) . I will see how to check the FillStyle without breacking the backward compatibility (it is like that since at least year 2000)

In the case of an open ellipse the FillStyle was used. So in the case of a closed ellipse (like yours) it was clearly a bug to test the FillColor. I have fixed that. Thanks to have reported it. Now the fill style is used.