Does up-to-date TMVA user guide exists?

Hi all,

Does up-to-date TMVA users guide exists?
I find it very helpful, as it has verbose step-by-step examples, but the only version I could find:

still has AddBackgroundTree() and AddSignalTree() method in the TMVA::Factory not TMVA::DataLoader

Is there any updated document besides doxygen of master?


What we have is here: Topical Manuals - ROOT
@moneta can tell more.

The version linked above is the one most up-to-date. It is correct now I see that in some cases I see the code snippets have still Factory::AddVariable and Factory::AddSignalTree. We will produce then a new version fixing this. At page 35 you can find some documentation about the DataLoader, but you should also look at the current TMVA tutorials such as TMVAClassification.C for the current usage.



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