Does anyone have a simple example of fitting a straight line using minuit (FORTRAN VERSION)

One of the user’s forum help me to fit a straight line using tminuit, but I also have the version of minuit in fortran. However, the fortran version has an example a little confuse. It would be of great help start with a simple example like fitting a straight line.


I am afraid this is not the right forum to find help about the FORTRAN implementation of Minuit but a lot of help is available elsewhere online!
If you want to have a look to our fit examples, you’ll find those here:


So, could you provide me the link for the adequate forum where I can ask this simple example?
I’ve already look on the internet and almost all sites uses the example provided by the documentation of minuit.
Thanks anyway!

I do not think there is any forum dealing with this topic.
The only thing you can do is to google for some “old” minuit documentation

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