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just a quick comment to the people making the documentation of RooFit. I just had to correct a very big error that came up, because I used RooVoigtian with the Half Width half maximum for the breit Wigner part. As I think it is quite uncommon to use the standard deviation for the gaussian part but the FWHM (not the HWHM) for the breit Wigner part, it might be a good idea to write in the documentation what exactly is meant by “width” and “sigma”. Otherwise it is great, that there even is a function like a voigtian implemented.

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Hi @Emil_R,

thank you very much for letting us know about this inconvenience!

Since this is not a ROOT support question but a very reasonable improvement suggestion, can you please open a GitHub improvement issue with the same content?

I can’t implement this improvement right now, so it would be very good if an open issue exists for this so I don’t forget.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for having opened this GitHub issue:

Let’s follow up there!

The following PR implements the documentation update as suggested:

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