Divide canvas in to a grid and then merge two pads

ROOT Version: 6.22/03
Platform: MacOS


I would like to divide a canvas to a grid of 3 by 3, and then merge two of pads (#6 and #9). I could not find anything in the “Divide” documentation.


What exactly do you mean by ‘then merge’? and what about pad 8 located between 7 and 9?
In any case, you can have more control and not be limited to equal pad sizes if you draw your own pads on a canvas instead of using Divide.

Sorry. I did a mistake in calculating. I want to merge #6 and #9.
What I mean by merging is, I want to have a total of 8 sub-figures: 7 sub-figures will go at cells #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8; and 1 sub-figure will go at a merged cell of #6 and #9.

That’a not a regular grid. Divide() generates only regular grid. You should define the TPad yourself at the right positions . That’s not to complicated.

So I basically define the 8 pads manually without dividing the canvas? (Thanks for your time.)

Yes you compute yourself the pads position. As aI said it should not be too complex. I can help if you need.

Thanks for the help. I did this in the past. I thought there could be an easier way, like table cell merging in Latex.