Divide 2 TH2F histogram

Hello! I tried to make a 2D TEfficiecny plot but it didn’t really work (the axis were not labeled, and the color coding was not working) so I tried to take the 2 individual TH2F histograms (passed and all) and divide them in order to get “manually” the efficiency: hisRatioTracksvspT_->Divide(hisRealTracksvspT_);, where hisRatioTracksvspT_ contains the passed values and hisRealTracksvspT_ contains all the values. However when I add all the histograms I have (using hadd), the heights of the bins also get added, so they are not anymore between 0 and 1, as they should be for a histogram. Is there any way around this? Thank you!

can you post a macro showing what is going wrong ?

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