Display options for canvas saved as PDF

Dear root support,

I have embedded Acrobat Reader in a GUI and use it to display a canvas, which I saved as PDF using TCanvas::Print(). When I open the PDF created with Acrobat Reader by default the navigation panel displaying a senseless table of contents is shown, but when I open a PDF created eg. by Microsoft Word, it is not shown. Unfortunately in Acrobat Reader there is no command except clicking to hide this panel (and I have no other option but this reader), so I wonder if there are some options saved within the PDF that define how it is displayed.

I have browsed the TPDF reference, but I know too little about PDFs to understand the methods there. Do you have a suggestion? Maybe there is some kind of table of contents in the root pdf which triggers the panel in Acrobat Reader?


ROOT pdf files have a index. This is useful to name pages and navigate in the file.
Your question is more and Acrobat one.
When I open a PDF file with Acrobat I see the index. But it can be turned off by a simple click.

thanks for the clarification. Is there any way to turn the index off? Clicking is not an option for me, since I use the root created PDF in a Labview GUI for a quick cross-check of data sanity, where the user shouldn’t have to click. Or do you maybe know a way how to a-posteriori disable or delete the index in a PDF?

That’s a question on Acrobat Reader … not on ROOT.


sorry, I have probably not phrased my question correctly. I am aware of the fact that this is a ROOT support forum and not an Acrobat Reader support forum. My question was targeted at the ROOT side:

Is there a way to switch the index off while creating a PDF file? Something like TCanvas::PrintWithoutIndex()?


Since you create the index intentionally, do you know a good way to get rid of it after the pdf has been created?

may be this page can help :

helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/c … dexes.html

Thank you!

You’re welcome. For info, this link is the 1st answer google gives when you search for:
“how to remove index of a pdf file”