Display glitches from Ubuntu 22.04 to macOS Ventura


I work remotely on an up-to-date Ubuntu 22.04. If I ssh in from a macOS Ventura machine to the Ubuntu machine, and open an app with ROOT UI elements, then most of the text is missing. Moving the app restores some text, clicking on some elements removes some text again, etc.

This problem is easy to reproduce with the guitest.C which comes with ROOT.

This issue happens with ROOT 6.28 / 6.29.01.
I use XQuartz 2.8.5

Any tips to avoid the issue are appreciated.


ROOT Version: 6.28 / 6.29.01
Platform: Ubuntu 22.04 & macOS Ventura 13.5
Compiler: gcc 11.4

Attached is an example on how the UI looks like usign guitest,C - most of the text is missing.

Maybe @bellenot can help you on this

Never seen such problem. Maybe it’s a problem with XQuartz, let’s see if @couet has some idea (once he’s back)

Just some updates:

  • I can confirm the problem when the remote machine is Ubuntu 20.04
  • It also happens with the latest XQuartz 2.8.6-beta2
  • A colleague of mine has the same issue.
  • gtk and qt based programs work without issue
  • The problem was not there a few weeks back - but I cannot tell if it is due to a macOS, ubuntu, or ROOT update.

Can you try the following: In ${ROOTSYS}/etc/system.rootrc or in your custom .rootrc, change this line:

X11.UseXft:              yes


X11.UseXft:              no

and let me know?

That indeed work!
Any idea what the underlying problem might be, because the fonts do not look good anymore (no anti-aliasing) without using xft…

No idea, but I don’t use MacOS, let’s see if @couet has an idea when he’s back next week

I do not see this problem with master on my Mac. Note I have:

X11.UseXft:              yes

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