Disorder in Root documentation

There is a general disorder in the organisation of Root documentation:

Starting from root.cern.ch/doc/master/. The Class index is hidden under “6.04”. From such a name it is difficult to guess that it refers to the Class Index.

Starting from root.cern.ch/doc/master/ , clicking on User Guides and Manuals, one sees
The page you are looking for was not found
Clicking on Reference Guide and then Head, one jumps back to root.cern.ch/doc/master/
If clicking on User’s Guide one jumps to ROOT User Guides and Manuals, meaning there are redundant paths to the same page.

There is a general lack of visibility of the key documents. Instead the user becomes dizzy jumping back and forth and spends more time than necessary finding the relevant information.

Your 2 'Starting points" are the same …

no, “ROOT User Guides and Manuals” and “User Guides and Manuals” are two different entries

They lead to two different pages.
One could also ask why there is such a proliferation of “User Guides and Manuals” on the same page.

I have revisited the links on this page.
It will be visible on the ROOT web site after the rebuild tonight.

Starting at page https://root.cern.ch/guides/reference-guide
when clicking on “browse” for versions 6.06 or older I go to Class Index, but for versions 6.06 and newer I go to https://root.cern.ch/doc/master/ - where I was before.

Instead of “browse” a more suggestive name should be given for a link leading to Class Index.

Class Index should be brought prominently forward on the root homepage . Now it is hidden in a maze of links and today I needed to go on clicking for minutes to spot it. I have mentioned this in an old post Class Index must be prominent

I also wander at the multitude of links named User Guide and Manuals at https://root.cern/doc/master/index.html and circular loops that the user experiences.

That’s not exactly what I see. Let me explain:

from 6.4 included and older we go to the class index because the doc at that time was generated using THTML

from 6.06 and newer we go the the reference guide main page generated with Doxygen.

Since 6.06 we do not using THTML anymore to generate the documentation It is now Doxygen. That’s why you see a difference. To reach the equivalent of the class index with the Doxygen version of the doc you should click on the All Classes tab.

also, in the top of the
it says
ROOT User’s Guide: 6 Relase Cycle

Could the typo be fixed please?

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Thanks for reporting, fixed!