`diffsig` option in TRatioPlot class


I don’t think I understand the diffsig option in the TRatioPlot class, and I was hoping for some clarification:

Say that I’m using the constructor new TRatioPlot(hist1, hist2, "diffsig"). If I understand it correctly (tried it out too), it would mean that the function would substract the bins in hist1 from hist2 (i.e.: hist2[i]-hist1[i]). However, I don’t understand how the uncertainties are calculated, and how the bins are divided by the uncertainties. And as I have histograms, does that mean that my uncertainties are simply the square root of the number of counts in the bin?

Thanks in advance for any help in explaining this!

All available information about this option is given in the reference guide.
I guess that’s what you looked at.
The code implementing this option is at line 933 in the source code.

Thanks @couet , I had a better look into the source code and I think I now better understand it.

If you think the documentation needs some clarification please let us know.