Different Style in same Canvas -> SetErrorX()

Dear support!

How can I draw two histograms with different styles into the same Canvas? In principle, I want to do

TCanvas *c = new TCanvas(“c”, “c”);
gStyle->SetErrorX(0.35); h1->Draw(“same, E2”);
gStyle->SetErrorX(0.); h2->Draw(“same, E1”);

(I hope from this snipped it became clear, what I want.) However, gStyle sets a global style, of course, which always influences BOTH histograms. Is there any possibility to draw into the same Canvas one histogram with x-error-bars and and another without? (I also already tried c->Update() after drawing the first histogram, but this doesn’t help…).

Thank you in advance!

you should use an Exec object to set the style like in the attached example.
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