Different plot if macro executed interactively or in batch


if I get a TProfile2D from a file of mine and I draw it with Draw(“colz”), I get two different plots whether I execute the macro interactively or in batch (root -b …). I am running on lxplus with root 5.22/00d

You can find the root file, the macro and the two plots here:


The two plots are also attached to this message: the correct one is that obtained by running interactively.

Is it a known (and fixable) problem?

                                                 Thanks and ciao


I am investigating. Thanks for reporting.

This is now fixed in the SVN trunk. Thanks for reporting.


given the usual inertia to move to a newer version of root within the experiments, could you tell me, roughly, what is affected and what is not by this problem? Does it affect TH2 drawn with colz, only TProfile2D, or potentially all the plots?


It affects all the boxes having a width <= 1 pixels.
It is a problem only for the binaries files generated in batch.
PDF and PS are fine.
The fix is in TImageDump::DrawBox.