Different Colors on frame

Hello everyone!
I need to set different colors on my canvas.
There is a way to set the frame fill color just in a specific area?
For exame:
From 0 to 33% and 66% to 100% the white color;
And 33%->66% grey color.

I was just thinking to put the signal area in evidence


I am not an expert but @couet or @bellenot might be able to help


Maybe @couet will give a better advice (when back next week), but you could try to use a TGraphErrors, as shown in the ROOT Primer

Cheers, Bertrand.

Reading between lines, it seems you want to shade the plot background with different colors. The best will be to draw colored boxes before plotting your data. Can you provide some minimalistic code example I can start from to show you how to proceed ? It might be different if you plot histograms or graphs…

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