Default option in ROOT from conda build

I’m using conda to install the pre-build ROOT. When trying to draw a TNtuple, the line color is set by default 0. I have to set it manually in order to see the plot. How can one change the default setting, e.g. in .rootrc or any other places? Any hints are appreciated.

I think you could use a rootlogon.C macro defining the color you want. I think @couet can give more detailed information about which exact line to add

Which command are you using to change the color ?

For example, after create an

 TNtuple nt("nt", "", "a:b")

Nothing shows up. Then I need to do the following:

 TNtuple nt("nt", "", "a:b")

for the plot to be visible. I just need the default color to be, e.g. back, to avoid manually setting it for every histogram or ntuples.

This is only an issue with conda built ROOT. My local build using gcc or the pre-build from ROOT website have no such issue. It seems some default setting is not loaded with conda ROOT version.

I do not understand why the way ROOT is built can affect the n-tuple default color.

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