Date Axis in TProfileX

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I have X axis in a graph on which lumi sections are plotted (1 lumi section = 23.36 sec). I have to convert this X axis into day/month. There are 300000 lumi sections and these need to be plotted over a period from 26 April to 24 October. Can somebody please help me do it?

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It looks like you are looking for time on the axis. We have several examples in the reference guide. See for instance:

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Actually I am able to set date [Day/month] but the problem that I am facing right now is 300000 lumi sections are considered as 300000 seconds by default and my plot is not showing beyond four days.
Do you know how to fix it?

I used the following to set date axis.

TDatime da(2018,04,26,00,00,00);
int X0 = da.Convert();

TDatime da1(2018,04,26,00,00,00);
int X1 = da1.Convert()-X0;

TDatime da2(2018,10,24,00,00,00);
int X2 = da2.Convert(1)-X0;


Can you post a complete example reproducing the problem ?


I have this graph. I need to set X axis that starts from 26/04/2018 and ends on 24/10/2018 maybe using TGaxis?

It seems you are not using the time axis provided by ROOT as I suggested. That’s right ?
You do not need TGaxis, just proceed like in the timeonaxis*.C examples I pointed before.

If you do not want to use time axis but want to change the X axis labels you can use the
ChangeLabel method.

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