Data representation with x-axis (and/or y-axis) linear from 0...100 and log beyond

Dear rooters,

My problem is that neither linear nor log scale are really useful to represent my data.

I would like to have a representation e.g. with linear scale on the x-axis (let’s say from 0 to 100) and log scale onwards (let’s say from 10E2 to 10E8). The same I’d like to do on the y-axis. At the moment the basis of the content is a TH1F with non equidistant binning, but if necessary I could arrange other ways to prepare the input information and I’m also happy to switch from TH1F to TGraph or similar (while I would like to keep the possibility to have something like a filled histogram at the end).

I know that this is not a too exotic way of presenting data e.g. in geographic applications. What is the best way for me to achieve what I want in root? I fear that this can only be achieved with a lot of handwork (e.g. stitching different axes both on x and y). But even in this case some guidance (best in a user example) would be highly appreciated.

Thanx a lot for your support!

This macro may give you ideas.
BrokenAxis.C (1.4 KB)

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