Cyrillic support in root

Hello, has anything changed in the latest root versions in terms of support of cyrillic letters? The statement in 2005 was: no support, but there was a workaround using QT layer cyrillic-letters-in-root. Now QT support is completely removed. Is it absolutely not possible to use cyrillic (or any other, Chinese etc) characters? Or is there still some workaround, at least?

_ROOT Version:6.18/04
_Platform: Linux Mint 19.3

If you want to produce graphical text you can use TMathText.

Hi. If I need something with cyrillic letters then I just make pictures without any labels and after that use LaTeX (PGF/Tikz) or Metapost to write whatever I want.

or use TMathText …
Or TTextDump

Thanks for your answers. TMathText is something that I didn’t know about. It works at least in graphical output. But it’s a pity that Cyrillic doesn’t work at all in GUI. Widgets do not react on the change of the keyboard layout. And, what’s more important, Cyrillic text is not displayed properly in any of the GUI widgets.

I can list all fonts which are available to root by gVirtualX->ListFonts(), and Cyrillic fonts are there. Then I can change the font of a widget using gClient->GetFont(), like in guilabels tutorial. The font is changed, but the last two font name elements which are responsible for the language setting (CHARSET_REGISTRY and CHARSET_ENCODING) are always ignored.

Why is it so? Is it not possible to change this behavior?

For Cyrillic in the GUI I let @bellenot answer you.

No, there is no support for extended characters in the GUI. But this should be fixed with the coming ROOT7 Web based GUI

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