Customizing drawing attributes for interactive projection

ROOT Version: 6.06/08
Platform: Linux x86_64
Compiler: GCC 4.8.5

Dear ROOT experts,
I’m playing around with interactive TH3 slicing (TH3::SetShowProjection). I was wondering if there’s a way to customize drawing attributes for the projected TH2 (like, setting “COLZ”). I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen some tutorials about controlling this kind of mouse interactivity in some release notes, but now I cannot find them anymore…

As sais in the doc you can try:

SetShowProjection("xy box");;

May be you can also use col instead of box

Thank you, my bad for not looking at the docs. Anyways, could you point me to those nice docs about scripting with mouse interactivity?

No, I mean, there were tutorials on how to exploit this mouse interactivity from user code, like writing a program that displays for example a TH1F and when the user moves the pointer on it the program displays also the value of the cumulative function real-time on the canvas (this is just an example that comes up into my mind right now). Are you aware of that…?

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