Cursor lines for range settings in fit panel not appeared

_ROOT Version: 6.14/06
_Platform: Mac OSX 10.14.2

I have this problem when I perform a fit on a histogram using the Fit Panel. The lines showing me from where to where I am restricting the x values range do not appear.

I am not sure which lines you are talking about ?

Let’s suppose you just have points on a TGraph, x values going form 0 to 20 and you try to fit a function on the points you have.
To do so let’s assume you go into the Fit Panel, you can then ajust on which range of x you want to fit your points.

To change this you can use a cursor and so when you change the range of x values (for example from 4 to 16), a vertical line appears to show you where you are on the graph.

These are the lines which do not appear for me.

Ah yes with the cocoa version these lines are not shown. But you see the range on the fit panel itself. So they are not really needed.

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