CrosshairWindow in macOS Big Sur

I’m getting the following warning when I use the FitPanel dialogue to adjust the fit range. Usually it would graphically draw the range with dashed lines - however no lines are drawn and I get

Warning in <FlushXOROps>: No CrosshairWindow found to draw into

printed out multiple times. The same thing occurs when I try to adjust the z range on a TH2 plotted with “colz”.

I’m using the prebuilt binary install.

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ROOT Version: 6.24/00
Platform: macOS 11.4 Big Sur
Compiler: clang 12.0.0

I just tried with a freshly rebuild version from master on MacOs 12 and It is working fine.

There was some fixed in that area. It could be the version you are using does not have them.

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Thank you, if I build from latest source the problem goes away. I guess the fix hasn’t made it into the binary release yet.

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