Crosshair not working on Mac os Catalina


I am now using ROOT on Mac os (Catalina 10.15.3) and I am observing some strange behaviour. One of them is that I cannot anymore see the crosshair on a TPad.

Does someone else has the same problem ?

I suspect that this could come from a bad ROOT installation, but how can I check this ?

Thanks in advance


_ROOT Version: 6-20-00
_Platform: Mac os catalina 10.15.3 (19D76)
_Compiler: AppleClang

I suspect that was not implemented for cocoa .
need to check it.

Ok, thank you for the answer. An other thing that I have observed is that I am not able to write any of these characters: ~#{[|`^@]} in the root text entries (the draw option of the browser for example. I have an azerty keybord, this corresponds to all the Alt-Gr keys.

I think @bellenot will know better than me about these characters in the text entries.

I think it’s an international keyboard error. Did you search the forum?

Sorry, I missed this topic. It seems to be indeed the same error. Si no solution for this problem for the moment… :frowning:

I had the confirmation from the author of the Cocoa backend that the Xor mode does not work for Cocoa. So the crosshair cursor could be implemented. That’'s what I had in mind but I wanted to double check with him.

And what about the special characters issue?

They are ok for me:
Screenshot 2020-03-10 at 15.15.50

OK, so @dudouet try to change your keyboard settings, since on Olivier’s Mac it seems to work…

But Olivier, you have an qwerty keybord I guess no ? You don’t need to use Alt-Gr (or option on the mac keyboad) to write these characters. In my case, for example, the “&” works also because I don’t need to press a special combination for it.

What I just realized also is that if I press the key “!” (which works perfectly outside root), it prints “_”

Indeed, on “typical french azerty keybord”, the key under the value 8 is “_”, but on mac azerty keyboard it is “!”

I still wonder why I asked for an azerty keybord… :frowning:

Yes qwerty … not azerty

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A fix seems to have been found for the crosshair issue on Catalina.
Working on a PR.

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PR here:

The PR is now merged.

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