"Creator" class in ClassifierFactory

      static ClassifierFactory *fgInstance; 
      typedef std::map<std::string, Creator> CallMap; 
      CallMap fCalls;       

These are some members of the class ClassifierFactory.

Can I please know the details/members of the Creator datatype/class/struct?
I was unable to track it down in the code.


Definition is in the same file, look at the top:

      // typedef for functor that creates object of class IMethod
      typedef IMethod* (*Creator)(const TString& job, const TString& title,
                                  DataSetInfo& dsi, const TString& option ); 

Easiest way to find out is using an IDE and just hover the mouse cursor over the “Create” as shown in this screenshot:

My bad I missed it.
Thank you for pointing out.

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